Thorne Smith at the Movies

Below you will find a complete list of movies made from books written by Thorne Smith. There is also a listing of films inspired by, derived from or somehow related to the works of Thorne Smith. Currently this is a bare bones temporary list with no particular order to it. It’s just a down and dirty working list until we can get more detail added to each title for you.

Clicking any title that is listed in blue color will take you to a page about that Thorne Smith film.

Films Directly From the Books:

I Married A Witch


Topper Takes A Trip


Night Life of the Gods

Skin & Bones

I'll soon be adding a page of info I discovered about an animated film version of this book that was never completed!

The Stray Lamb

I'll also be adding some fascinating info about two film versions of this book that were initiated but never completed.

Films Inspired By, Derived From or Somehow Related to:

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

The Change-Up

Menu (a Pete Smith films short)

Topper Returns

Portrait of Jennie

Blithe Spirit

The Thin Man movies


Francis the Talking Mule


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947)



What Dreams May Come

The Ghost & Mrs. Muir

Ghost Town

As soon as possible this listing will be revised to show each title in the order it was filmed and released. Also coming soon: You'll be able to click on each title for more information such as the film production company, the cast list, a detailed review of the film, where to buy a copy of it and other fun tidbits of information you may not have known about each title.

Wherever possible, we'll also include photos from the film as well as cover art for the video tape, laserdisc and/or DVD of each film to help make it easier for you to find your favorite title.

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