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Thorne Smith Newsletter & Topper Anniversary
February 14, 2013

Thank you for being a loyal reader of the Thorne Smith Newsletter!!!

Today, February 13, marks a special anniversary for fans of Thorne Smith. Plus TCM (Turner Classic Movies) is doing something special this month on the 26th.

So, let's get to it!

Issue 004 February 2013


Yes, 87 years ago today, on February 13, 1926, Thorne Smith's most famous novel TOPPER was published by McBride. The book launched a radio program, a book sequel, 3 television shows, 3 movies, a comic book and countless imitators.

I hope you'll join me in raising a glass of your favorite beverage to toast TOPPER on it's 87th birthday!


Be sure to set your VCRs, program your TiVo or DVD Recorder for Tuesday, February 26th at 3:15pm EST (that's East Coast time) for the TOPPER trilogy: all three TOPPER films based on characters created by Thorne Smith!

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) schedule states they will play the following films:

TOPPER at 3:15 PM (EST). Starring Cary Grant, Constance Bennett, Billie Burke and the incomparable Roland Young as Cosmo Topper. This 1937 film seems to be the one most people associate with Thorne Smith and for good reason.

TOPPER TAKES A TRIP at 5:00 PM (EST) Starring Constance Bennett, Billie Burke and Roland Young with only flashback appearances by Cary Grant from the first TOPPER movie.

TOPPER RETURNS at 6:30 PM (EST) Billie Burke and Roland Young reprise their roles from the first two films while Joan Blondell, Carole Landis and Eddie "Rochester" Anderson.

If you get a chance, feel free to send an email of thanks to TCM for airing all three movies back to back.

I believe the email address where you can reach them is:

Now if we can just get them to release nice new DVDs of all the Thorne Smith based films. I've even written them offering to do the bonus materials, liner notes and documentaries. Maybe one day...

Also coming up this month on TCM on Saturday, February 23 at 11:30am (EST) is the 1959 Jimmy Stewart film


which owes much to Thorne Smith's novel THE PASSIONATE WITCH, which inspired author John Van Druten when he wrote the novel of BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE.


February 17, 1919 Kathleen Freeman (Katie, the Maid in the Topper TV series) was born.

February 28, 1977 Eddie "Rochester" Anderson (the Chauffeur in Topper Returns, and of course Rochester for many years with Jack Benny) passed away.

So, that wraps up the very first issue of the Thorne Smith Newsletter for 2013.

Oh, before I forget: I've created a blog for Thorne Smith fans to complement this newsletter and the Thorne Smith website.

Feel free to visit and leave your comments and questions. Hopefully it'll be a good way for us Thorne Smith fans to interact.

Go visit the Thorne Smith Blog at:



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