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The Thorne Smith Newsletter is a free newsletter and the only publication devoted to regularly updating everyone on the latest news and information related to the author of TOPPER, TURNABOUT, NIGHT LIFE OF THE GODS, THE STRAY LAMB and many other novels.

We'll keep you posted on everything:

-Updates on when the TOPPER films and other related movies are appearing on TV. We keep close tabs on Turner Classic Movies and all the cable channels so you don't have to worry about missing any showings.

-Updates on VHS and DVD releases. We'll let you know when new releases are coming out and let you know the best prices we can find for you.

-Reprints of the books, such as when the Modern Library reprinted TOPPER, TOPPER TAKES A TRIP, and NIGHT LIFE OF THE GODS back in 2000. You won't have to worry about poor publicity campaigns in your part of the world. We're on the look out so you don't have to!

-Articles on the actors in the TV shows and movies. Learn about the often forgotten actors that today's magazines ignore. We'll not only track down articles, we'll be commissioning interviews and articles exclusively for our jovial readers.

-Friends and fans. We'll profile famous friends and admirers and we hope to encourage some of you to send us your photos and stories of how you discovered Thorne Smith.

-His continuing influence on literature, film and radio. As we find new movies, TV shows and books that are clearly influenced by him, we'll guide you to great entertainment created in the same spirit as our favorite writer.

-Collector's Corner. If you're looking for certain books to fill out your special collection, we'll help you find them at the best prices available. We see a lot of over-priced items on places like Ebay that aren't really first editions and aren't rare at all. So, we'll do our best to help you catch up on all your reading without being gouged by greedy sellers.

So, if this sounds like the friendly spirit you'd like supporting you, just take a moment now to...

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