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Thorne Smith on TCM Tonight!
November 29, 2013

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Thorne Smith movies on TCM Tonight!

Issue 007 November 2013


Most of us have seen TOPPER (1937) the classic comedy film based on the popular novel by our beloved Thorne Smith. But most of us have had to put up with poor quality videotapes (remember that dreadful colorized version?) or just so-so looking DVD versions. But November 30th at 2:30am EST (that’s 11:30pm for us on the west coast) you’ll have the opportunity to catch TOPPER as you’ve never seen it before. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is airing the completely restored print of TOPPER, starring Cary Grant, Constance Bennett, Roland Young and Billie Burke.

You may recall I mentioned this in September's newsletter, so please forgive me for repeating myself, but not everyone reads their newsletter right away :) So, set your DVD recorder, DVR, VCR, or whatever you use to record TV because you are in for an absolute delight.

TCM is also airing another Thorne Smith treat tonmight/this morning.

Also on November 30th at 4:15am EST (I wish they’d air these later in the day!) TCM brings us TURNABOUT (1940) starring Carole Landis and John Hubbard. Based on the Thorne Smith novel of the same name, this is the story of a couple who magically get switched into each other's bodies.

On November 30 at 5:39am EST is 1935’s OKAY TOOTS! starring Charley Chase. This comedy short follows along the same lines as TURNABOUT but the couple switch bodies thanks to a psychic. I've never seen this one so I am looking forward to getting a look at it.

I'm keeping this short and sweet so you have time to catch these films. I'll send out a full newsletter in a week because there's some exciting news to share about a film coming to movie theaters this Christmas.


Here’s a reminder for those who missed it last month:

Criterion, the film folks who make super high quality DVDs of classic films, have released a regular DVD and a Blu-Ray edition of I MARRIED A WITCH, which was adapted from Thorne Smith’s last novel, THE PASSIONATE WITCH.

Starring Veronica Lake, Fredric March, Robert Benchley & Susan Hayward, I MARRIED A WITCH (1942) has never had an official DVD release in the U.S. Many people sell bootleg copies of it on DVD but it's not worth your hard earned cash. Wait until you see how the Criterion DVD looks. I'd be shocked if you aren't astonished.

The DVDs came out in October, just in time for Halloween. The other great news is that right now you can your copy of the DVD at a significant savings over the normal price of a Criterion Collection DVD.

Normally Criterion Collection DVDs sell in the range of $35 and upwards because they are regarded as the highest quality DVDs made of the movie. Criterion does an amazing job working with the filmmakers to produce the best transfer of the film onto DVD. A lot of times they include essays, commentaries and other supplementary materials.

But right now you can order your DVD at far less than $35. The regular DVD is only $16.96 while the Blu-Ray DVD is just $23.48. That’s a steal! If you're thinking of getting this one, you might want to get it now before the prices go back up to their normal cost.

Here’s some quick links I made for you to save you time.



So, that wraps up the this mini-issue of the Thorne Smith Newsletter for November 2013.

Oh, in case you missed it last issue: I've created a blog for Thorne Smith fans to complement this newsletter and the Thorne Smith website.

Feel free to visit and leave your comments and questions. Hopefully it'll be a good way for us Thorne Smith fans to interact.

Go visit the Thorne Smith Blog at:



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