The Adventures of Topper radio show
starring Roland Young (NBC 1945)

The Adventures of Topper radio show began broadcasting in the summer of 1945 on NBC (National Broadcasting Company) from Radio City, Hollywood, California.

The series featured Roland Young as "Cosmo Topper",

Roland Young in 1945 NBC Radio Show - The Adventures of Topper

Hope Emerson as "Malveena" (Topper's wife),

Paul Mann (as George Kirby) and Frances Chaney (as Marion Kirby).

Paul Mann was a very interesting gentleman, who many remember for his portrayal of Lazar Wolf in the 1971 film "Fiddler On The Roof."

Frances Chaney may be best remembered for her small role in 1989's "When Harry Met Sally."  She also is noted for being married to writer Ring Lardner Jr.

The program ran for 15 episodes as a summer replacement series.

I have read in various places online that this program was replacing The Dinah Shore Show while some newspaper announcements said it was filling in for Frank Morgan's program. 

I'll continue digging into this and see what info can be found. 

The Missing Adventures of Topper

Thus far, I have managed to find six of the episodes and continue to search for copies of the remaining programs.

Here is a list of the episodes found thus far:

The Psychiatrists (aired July 5, 1945)

Telephone Repairman (aired July 12, 1945)

Malveena Hires A Psychiatrist (aired July 19, 1945)

Topper Pretends To Be Dead (aired August 3, 1945)

Malveena's Mother Visits (aired August 30, 1945)

Rajah, the Mystic (aired September 6, 1945)

If anyone can help me locate the nine missing episodes or any material related to the show or it's actors or writers, please use the Contact Us page to drop us a note.

By the way, I have obtained a couple of great photos of Roland Young taken at NBC studios during the taping of the shows. I hope to post those in the very near future.

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