Books by Thorne Smith

Below you will find a complete list of books by Thorne Smith.

I started with the Omnibus Editions first.  Below them you will find every Thorne Smith book listed in order by date of publication. 

This is just a quick, plain and simple list in no particular order to tide you over until we can get more detail added to each title for you.  

Additionally, info on all the various editions will get posted here.  So, for those of you interested in the Armed Services Editions or the Pocket Book editions, hang in there! 

It's surprising how many different editions wound up being done of his books.  There's everything from Mail Order editions to foreign editions, as well as the newer reprints from Del Rey in the 1980s, the Modern Library editions in 2000 and last year's Easton Press limited edition of TOPPER. 

Omnibus Editions:

The Thorne Smith 3-Bagger

The Thorne Smith 3-Decker

The Thorne Smith Triplets

Biltmore Oswald (1918)

Out O' Luck (1919)

Haunts & By-Paths (1919)

Topper (1926 - also published as The Jovial Ghosts in England)

Dream's End (1927)

The Stray Lamb (1929)

Did She Fall (1930)

Night Life Of The Gods (1931)

Turnabout (1931)

Lazy Bear Lane (1931)

The Bishop's Jaegers (1932)

Topper Takes A Trip (1932)

Rain In The Doorway (1933)

Skin & Bones (1933)

The Glorious Pool (1934)

The Passionate Witch (1941 completed Norman Matson)

As soon as possible each title listed will have a link to it's own page with as much information as possible posted about the book.

For instance: You'll be able to click on each title for more information such as the name of the publishing house, who it was dedicated to, where to buy a copy of the title, whether a movie or television show was made from it and other fun tidbits of information you may not have known about your favorite novel.

Wherever possible, we'll also include photos of each novel's cover art to help make it easier for you to find your favorite title.

Last but not least, I'm also working on providing a special offer in which you can get a free report on how to buy Thorne's novels online without getting ripped off.

I've been very disappointed to see people listing titles on Ebay, for example, asking way too much money for a book claiming it's a first edition when in fact it isn't.  Many good used copies of the popular ones can be found very reasonably priced if one knows where to look.

I don't like to see anybody price gouged for a reading copy of a fun Thorne Smith novel.

In fact, I may create some checklists for collector's as well as some videos to help make it easier for people to be informed before they pay good money for a book. 

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