Thorne Smith's Short Stories

While Thorne Smith only had two short stories published during his career, there have been several short fiction writers clearly influenced by him over the past eighty years. We'll soon be adding a special page showing those specific influences. In the meantime, you can click on a title below for more information about it.

Birthday Present

Yonder's Henry

The lack of short works is perhaps due to having more length in a novel to stretch and play around with many ideas simultaneously. In fact, initially the idea for the novel TOPPER started out in short form and later grew into the full length classic novel but thus far no copy of that original idea has been found. But whatever the reason for the lack of short fiction, we're happy to have found these two pieces written near the end of his life.

I am checking on the copyright issues regarding these items to see if I can make them available here for your reading pleasure. In the meantime, you can find these online if you look hard enough but the formatting of them makes them a bit of a chore to read. Check back soon to see if we can make these available to you in easy to read formats.

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