The Change-Up movie (2011)
Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde, Leslie Mann and Jason Bateman

Here's a preview of The Change-Up movie from Universal starring Olivia Wilde, Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann and Jason Bateman.

The premise of The Change-Up will be familiar to Thorne Smith fans, especially those who have read TURNABOUT.

Granted, it's not a husband and wife swapping bodies (it's two friends) but The Change-Up movie is treading close to Thorne Smith territory and thus caught my attention.

Personally I was really looking forward to seeing this movie because I thought it had a lot of promise given that Olivia Wilde, Leslie Mann, Jason Bateman and Alan Arkin are in it.

I’m still undecided on Ryan Reynolds. Sometimes I think he’s very talented (he does a good job in The Change-Up and he steals the movie in Blade Trinity) but sometimes I think he’s just phoning it in. In Ryan Reynolds' defense, it is hard to determine if the acting is off or if the script was horrible to begin with.

A few more thoughts:

It’s hard not to be wild about Olivia Wilde.

She’s so stunning you could film her reading the junk mail that arrives in my mail box every day and I’m sure there would be guys lined up around the block willing to pay to watch her read it.

The Change Up (2011) movie reviews

I'll be posting my review of The Change-Up as soon as I finish writing it. For now, I suggest you read either my friend Ken Hanke's review of The Change-Up (clicking will open a new page) or the review from The Huffington Post's Jackie K. Cooper. I've also included a link to Steven Holden's review in the New York Times.

About That Wish: What If It Came True? New York Times review

The Change-Up movie review by Ken Hanke

Huffington Post review of The Change-Up movie

I'll be adding photos & bio info for Olivia Wilde, Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann & Jason Bateman to this page soon.

Plus I'll post more reviews of The Change-Up (frankly, I'm having a tough time finding any favorable reviews) along with my own personal review of this movie.

HINT: Olivia Wilde is the best part of the movie although Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann and Jason Bateman all do a good job with the script they were given. Unfortunately, Alan Arkin is hardly used in the movie at all, which is a pity because he can be brilliantly funny.

SIDE NOTE TRIVIA: Alan Arkin was born a mere three months before Thorne Smith passed away in 1934.

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