Thorne Smith Mini-Biography
(10 page bio in Scarlet Street #37)
scroll down for details

This article and magazine have been out of print for over 13 years. 

Finally I have access to a small quantity of mint condition issues. 

For a limited time you can get a never read, un-circulated, mint condition copy for a lower price than what I will offer them for later. 

This is the most accurate, in-depth biography ever written about Thorne Smith. 

"I loved it!!!" -- Neil Gaiman

"It was a thorough education on a fun writer" -John Brunas (author of Universal Horrors)

"The quintessential writing on Thorne Smith" -- Ken Hanke (Charlie Chan at the Movies)

"It made me want to go re-read all his books and watch his movies again!" --Tom Weaver (John Carradine: The Films)

You not only get the 10 page biography - nearly 10,000 words never published elsewhere (along with 12 photos from the movies and books), but the magazine also contains:

an interview with Kathleen Freeman (who played the maid on the Topper TV series)

as well as an 8 page in-depth article on Topper Returns by the late Ken Hanke (author of Charlie Chan At The Movies)

plus more articles on mystery/horror films and books. 

I will also autograph/inscribe the magazine for you or whoever you are getting it for. 

(PayPal isn't showing me a way for you to leave me a note so please email me at: with who you want the inscription to and if you want it on the cover or if you'd prefer to be on the first page of the biography)

This is a rare chance to get a copy of this in mint condition. 


Because these are un-circulated, never read copies in mint condition and I will be signing them, All sales are final.  No returns accepted.

Limit one issue per person.  Order yours now while supplies last.

Cost:  $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping within the United States.


If you are ordering from outside the United States, send me an email at: with your mailing address so we can determine the correct postage.

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Thorne Smith mini-biography (Scarlet Street issue #37) NOW

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